Interstitial pause game on Android but not on iOS?

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I got a query about Admob Unity plugins. I made a interstitial ads for Android and iOS. When I load it on Android, it pauses the game but it doesn’t do it on iOS?

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If anyone else runs into this, Google added a special method called MobileAds. SetiOSAppPauseOnBackground() to handle this issue. Just set this to true before initializing your MobileAds entity.

See this for issue details:

See this for a demo:

Any suggestions on how I make the game resume while ads are shown? Mine is pausing the game even after I add “False” to the code.


Is there something similar to controle pause on Android as well?

Hi, yes, super annoying. I’ve managed to get it working mostly right by including code like this:

			#if UNITY_IOS
			Time.timeScale = 0;
			AudioListener.pause = true;

then you set them back to 1 and false when the ad is done

I’m still running into issues, such as when an interstitial ad has a short 5 second video and then transitions to a separate ad my game sets the timescale back to 1 and the game plays before the ad is closed out. Super annoying! I really wish it would pause for IOS automatically. I have no problems on Android.

This is an old post but i am having the same issue now. I set ads at game over screen. After the game over, method is called to show interstitial but while ad is loading player push start button and passes the game then ad shows. The problem, there is a countdown in the game and it continues while ad is showing. I add this MobileAds. SetiOSAppPauseOnBackground(), but in this time there is an error on ios. Xcode debug shows me errors (Something like this “AVAudioSession_iOS”). This error also effects game and some functions not working especially game sfx. Any help? please. Thanks

luciano_unity’s solution worked perfectly. Didn’t even know of such a bool. Major time saver! Thank you!