Intertwine animations with gun sway.

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I have on my gun an animation playing called Idle(simulates breathing). What I also have is gun sway when the player looks around the gun sways around. But when playing the Idle animation(or any other animation) along with looking around and the gun swaying the movement becomes gittery and they gun does only sway a tenth of what it usually dose.

So I guess what I am saying is is there a way to run an animation fluidly while having gun sway?

I am sorry for my poor formulation.

You’re probably using blend and weights to combine the two motions? That averages the motions – at 50/50 you idle and sway 1/2 as much on each; 90/10 cause one animation to play at 90% (it will sway only 90% of the total distance) and the rest to be really muted, at 10%.

Blending (averaging) is good when you want to build a jog out of a walk and run, say, but there are two other ways to combine. You probably want to use blendMode.Additive. That will add the full arm sway to the idle or whatever else is playing on the lower level.