Introducing the Profile Analyzer

Preview package now available from the package manager!

The Profile Analyzer aggregates and visualises frame and marker data from a set of Unity Profiler frames to help you reason about their behaviour over a number of frames, complementing the single frame analysis already available in the Unity Profiler.

The Profile Analyzer Window contains two views, the Single and Compare views, both of these views visualise frame, thread and marker data from the Unity Profiler window and shows min, max, median, mean and lower/upper quartile values over the selected frame range including the distribution of each marker using histogram and box and whisker plots.

To get started with Profile Analyzer, we recommend that you checkout the Documentation.

In terms of feedback, we're especially looking for:

  • Use-cases that are not yet covered?

  • Workflows that are unclear?

  • Is the information available displayed in a meaningful and understandable way?

  • Is the documentation helpful?

Please feel free to post any feedback in this sub-forum.

In case you've checked before and couldn't find it: The package is now visible in the Package Manager Window, just make sure you have show preview packages enabled. For help with this see the
Package Manager documentation.

How to report bugs

Ideally we'd like any bugs reported through the built in bug reporter tool, as that will automatically provide us with some relevant context. When reporting bugs, please:

  • Attach a (stripped) project when there are issues.

  • Attach Profiler .data and Profile Analyzer .pdata files where possible.