Hello Everyone!

I'm relatively new here - I've been sneaking around reading posts and watching the tutorials for a while now, so I thought I'd create an account and say "Hi".

As I said, I'm quite new to all this, I picked up the free version of Unity about a week ago, since then I've been watching videos, playing around with scenes and game objects, getting my head around some of the scripts, etc. I've finished "Roll-a-Ball" and "Space Shooter", and I'm now going through the Live Training Archives to try and get my brain in tune with the basics of software.

I've gotta say, I'm really loving it so far - everything seems fairly straight-forward and easy to pick up in a short space of time, and it seems like with some time and dedication I might finally be able to look back at 10 year old me and say "We did it!".

Anyway, sorry for the fairly pointless post - I just wanted to introduce myself.



Welcome! You're already a leg up on the people that want to skip past Roll-a-Ball and jump right to making their big Minecraft-meets-GTA-meets-Temple-Run game idea, so congrats there!

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