Invalid AABB a

Receiving this error: “Invalid AABB a” . I looked at the thread and it said this should have been fixed. It started for me with the download and installation of Unity: about (30 mins ago)

Version 5.3.1f1 (cc9cbbcc37b4)
Thu, 17 Dec 2015 13:01:19 GMT
Branch: 5.3/release.

Apparently there was supposed to be a patch for this 1p1. If that is the case not sure why the latest build would still have this issue, I assume I have the latest build since I used the download link on the website. I am unabel to use theupdate feature under Unity Help, I just get the message: Connection to the Update Server failed.

Apparently the temporary fix is to turn off particleFX which worked, but the problem for me is what I am working on the particle FX is a major component of my simulation.

I was also getting the error:

Over and over again along with the previously mentioned error. So right now all work is at a stand still on this particular project.

I’m getting the exact same thing, but only when I instantiate a particle effect from the FT_ImpactEffects_Vol01 package from the asset store, which I’m just now noticing evidently hasn’t been updated since 5.1.1.

Incidentally, using Particle Playground 3, which HAS been updated, doesn’t give any errors. The hit effects package was made by a third party using Particle Playground 2.