Invalid Android NDK Directory

I just just downloaded android-ndk-r20 version from the authorised website:

NDK Downloads

and suggested by Unity documentation:

Android SDK/NDK setup

As I tried to link within Unity Editor, I was started getting this error:

If Unity documentation is suggesting some version then why actual Unity not accepting!!
This point I can’t able to understand.

At present, Unity forcing me to download NDK r16b while I have downloaded NDK r20.
How to use NDK r20?

Hey buddy,

Have you tried using Unity Hub? I’ve been using it for a while, and it makes it a lot easier to grab the relevant Android SDK and NDK just by clicking the relevant tickboxes. (Should just link it all for you). Do you want to try and give that a shot?

(If you are on an older version of Unity, then you have my apologies!)

Problem Fixed here