'invalid generated path' when I create a new file

I am reciving errors in the console similar tho the following whenever I attempt to create a file in the unity editor:
Assertion failed: Assertion failed on expression: 'BeginsWithCaseInsensitive(pathName, AssetDatabase::kAssetsPathWithSlash) || BeginsWithCaseInsensitive(pathName, AssetDatabase::kPackagesMountPointWithSlash)' UnityEditor.ProjectWindowUtil:CreateFolder()
Invalid generated unique path 'ProjectSettings/New Folder' (input path 'New Folder') UnityEditor.ProjectWindowUtil:CreateFolder()
I would like to know why this is happening so frequently and how to fix it so I can actually use Unity.

Possibly this bug: Unity Issue Tracker - Assets are not created from drop down menu if any projectSettings are opened in inspector

Workaround is to a) not be viewing the project settings, or b) use right-click to create assets.