Inventory Management Puzzle/Inventory Tetris

Hi all,
I am learning how to write in C# and I have been following the BurgzergArcade tutorials. I am well into the 200s on it and now I have decided I want to find out how to make a specific type of inventory.
I have checked all through Google and can’t find a single hint on how to make the Resident Evil 4 style “Inventory Tetris”. I would really appreciate if someone could help out or direct me to a tutorial as I feel this would be the best inventory type for my game. It doesn’t have to be mega fancy, just an operational version as I will work on fixing up all the rest myself.

Thanks in advance to all.

Hey, inventory is basically an array. And each array index could be assigned to gui box.
Check out these tutorials,these will give you an idea, starting from 16# Unity3D Tutorial #16 [ Basic Inventory System ][ Free Script Included ] - YouTube