Inventory master no slotscript.cs?

hello i found this awesome Inventory asset in the asset store that i want to use in my game and im having some issues getting it running correctly. for some reason i and getting this error. I did set the slot container variable to “Slot - Inventory” in the Inventory Script. Im not sure if that is correct The error highlights the equiptment system in he hierarchy

UnassignedReferenceException: The variable SlotContainer of Inventory has not been assigned.
You probably need to assign the SlotContainer variable of the Inventory script in the inspector.
Inventory.updateItemList () (at Assets/InventoryMaster/Scripts/Inventory/Inventory.cs:281)
Inventory.Start () (at Assets/InventoryMaster/Scripts/Inventory/Inventory.cs:101)

Im not sure why its happening i copied the example that came in the asset so i would assume that it should work as soon as i set all of the variables in the inventory script. Im not having any luck.

here is the youtube video that goes with the development of the asset. which is a + in this video you can see the developer creating a SlotScript.cs file and when i go to import this asset into my game i can not see the script in the scripts directory.

@Wothanar I think i created a new slot container and rewrote the script and it worked. i dont know why it didnt work at first something wasn’t loading. also i noticed recently that i have to close unity and reopen it to get the project to update sometimes if im flipping back and forth between blender and unity a lot to see changes.

I worked out all the kinks my inventory system is working. Now im editing the script so that when a item is consumed it updates my health stamina and hunger and so on.

After i figured all that out I used this GUI Tutorial. currently working on getting these 2 systems to jive. XD wish me luck