Inventory System - mining an object then have it go straight to your inventory

I am creating a game where the player has to mine and collect different materials. What I would ideally like is for the player to have a pickaxe or some mining tool that they can use to mine an object. Once the object has been mined, it appears in the inventory system (it can also stack). After a while, the object is replaced. I’m struggling to find an inventory system that works with this, as well as finding a way to mine the object, have it destroy itself once it has been mined and then be replaced a little while later.

Any suggestions?

Suggestions? Generally break tasks on simple parts and google solutions. How to mine an objet? Detect if you looking at it and it’s close enough via Raycast and processing the RaycastHit, then detect mouse button input, then make a timer for how long you should mine it, then at the end destroy the block and add it in the inventory. How to make an inventory? that’s pretty complex, you can start with an array of strings representing item types (better use ScriptableObjects but that’s a bit complex), and another array of integers representing how many of them ther in the slots. Then add features one by one, add adding, add removing, add swaping, add stack limits, stack splitting, blah blah. Make something simple at the beginning or copy existing solution from abundant guides, then upgrade it however you able to and want to.