inventory system some help and guides please :)

i have bene suing unity alittle bit now, for 6 months time, and i have made a few little dodads and other fun little things :slight_smile:
so i have decided to try and make a little for fun RPG nothing bug or huge just to get the hang of the coding of such things what i want is: and inventory like you see in world of warcraft, lord of the rings online etc.
what it should do is:

  • you pick up an item from a mob /
    chest / anything. by clicking it.
  • it transfers the item to your
    inventory if you have the space.
  • if not you cannot pick it up and
    gets an error message.
  • you rightclick the item in your
    inventory to equip it in your
    character page.
  • your uneuqip same process just vice

i have an okay understanding of how to code alittle bit im no expert!! far far from it!
what i made this far is an inventory script, added it to the player.()this script does nothing yet.
and i made an item script that is as follows: `public class item : MonoBehaviour {

public bool isEquipped = false;
	public int itemId;
	public int buyPrice;
	public int sellPrice;
	public GameObject itemVisual;
	public Texture2D icon;

	// Use this for initialization
	void Start () {
	// Update is called once per frame
	void Update () {
		//shows and hides item when equipped and unequipped
		if (isEquipped == true){
			itemVisual.renderer.enabled = true;
		else itemVisual.renderer.enabled = false;

is this first of all a viable approach?
and secondly how do i make the inventory? i know i can use gui etc but the drawcalls are just horrible!! how do you go about making such a thing? any help is much apreaciated!
best regards

Your starting nice. One thing I did was created another camera to handle your GUI texture (Inventory) and have those textures render when an item is in the inventory or not. When the item is in your inventory its the corresponding 3D objects renderer is off. When the item is equipped, its no longer in your inventory so the image is off but the renderer is turned on. Hope that helps a little.