Inverted Normals on Animated(Morph)Character Face

Hi everyone;

I have a problem with a character model. It uses morph for facial animation. The export is from 3ds Max in FBX format. Whatever I do, the normals for the face of the character are inverted. I tried going into edit poly/mesh and flipping normals but I still get the same result. I also used a two-sided shader for the face and was able to see the normals the way they were supposed to be, but got an awful flickering on the surface. In 3ds max, the renders of the character come out just fine, but somewhere in the fbx export-import process into Unity, the normals get all screwed up. I’ve attached an image to illustrate the problem. Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance!


First thing to note is you are exporting the morph heads. This isn’t needed. The only thing needed is the morph modifier which should be below the skin modifier. Choose Export Selected with the character and rig selected, instead of export - which will export everything in the Max file.

Second thing to check is the scale factor. Right click on the scale button in Max and confirm the scale factor is 100,100,100. If it is anything other than that - the model needs to have its transforms reset - by reset xform under the utilities panel. Of course this will destroy the skin and morphs - so save first and then search in the forum or here in answers for the numerous times I’ve outlined how to do this process correctly.

Third make sure the modifier stack is edit mesh/poly on the bottom, morpher then skin at the top. Skin has to be the top modifier.

Last - use fbx 2012 export if all else fails.


I’m having the same problem. Scale looks good and I’m only exporting the head mesh (and the characters skeleton) that has the morph modifier followed by the skin modifier on it. None of the actual morph targets. Any other things I should check?


Hi everyone there some steps you can solve your issue.

  1. open fbx file into window 10 Paint 3d and save as 3mf format
  2. then save as fbx again
  3. open that 3mf file in window 10 3d builder and you will have a warning below to fix 3d object click repair to fix any issue then save as 3mf again that replace the first 3mf file
  4. then save as obj from 3d builder that will be extract texture and material file
    You should save all file in same folder
    Folder should have these files , 3mf , obj , mtl, png(texture) fbx
    After that you can use those files in unity
    Hope this will solve your issue