Invisible collider glitch

So I created a space in Unity and for some reason when the player goes in certain areas, an invisible collider seems to appear. The player can't go past a certain point and is stuck in the area behind it. I don't have any invisible colliders in the game at all. The only javascript I've implemented is for a door trigger, but the invisible colliders and the trigger seem to be unrelated. The only thing the invisible colliders seem to have in common (I've found 4 so far, and the scene isn't very large) is that they're all on the outer edge of the plane the scene is on.

Any ideas what it might be?


Could it be instead that you are inside the collider and therefore constrained in the inner space of your plane? Is that actually possible...?

What type of player system are you using to move around? what collider type is attached to your plane? Have you removed that trigger door all together and tested without ( to make sure it's not that).



I figured it out, it turns out the colliders were attached to an objected I imported