Invisible tooltips

Is there a way to create "invisible" GUI tooltips? The thing is, I want to use tooltips to find out mouse position. I know that I can also do that using GetLastRect(), but "tooltip solution" seems a lot simpler.

The best way to get mouse position is to use Input.mousePosition which is documented here:

I'm not sure what the "Tooltip" solution is but I doubt it is simpler than one line of code which returns the exact co-ordinates.

You can also use the OnMouseOver function (and similar) to detect when the mouse is on an object if that is what you desire.

Feel free to elaborate if your situation cannot be resolved by using one of these methods.

Well, tooltips are "invisible" by default....

There are no standard visuals for tooltips. Just set your tooltip in your GUIContent for each element and you can query the GUI.tooltip property to see what's the current element. It will only show the string, you have to do the "match up" with your controls yourself.

There's an example at the bottom of the tooltip-property-page that uses the tooltip system to implement mouse over/out functionality.