Invisible wall

Hello guys.
I’m looking forward to make something like an invisible wall for my unity game…
Let me explain it better then
I would like to make something like a invisible cube that will stop the char to go somewhere…How do i do something like this?

Any ideas will be apreciated


You can do this with any model, not just a cube. Just add the model to your scene, in your case just go to GameObject > Create Other > Cube and then simply delete the mesh render component on the model (cube)

Hope that helps,


Invisible wall can be constituted from any GameObject with a collision component attached to it. I can be based on any mesh object with mesh collider attached, but if it is a simple straight wall it could be based on an empty GameObject with a box collider attached

I wish i could tick good answers for both of them but i can’t so i will tick the first 1

Empty game objects with colliders- got it!

Now, if the player is a sprite- what should that have?