invisible walls


I have a player, which gets the position from the position of a real robotic arm and moves according to it.
So I move the robotic arm->player in Unity moves. Now I made a level with the help of Industrial asset pack of Arkham Interactive. If I understand correctly each objects has different LODs but each LOD has a box collider.

My player has a box collider as well, but no rigidbody. How do I make these objects or another objects, like an invisible wall, unpassable?

Without a rigidbody, you can only hack up a script or two that will stop the player once it hits some other collision boxes, but using a RigidBody will enable proper physics interaction. Walls should have box colliders, and players should have box colliders and rigidbody components. That makes walls immovable and player interactable.

Why are you not using a rigidbody component on a player object?

Sidenote, make sure that your invisible walls’ boxes are not marked “Is Trigger”. That only activates collision events but doesn’t actually participate in collision response calculations.

Use a cube as your wall

and in the inspector UNCHECK the MESH RENDER




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