Invokereapeating not calling function

So ive gone over several other unity answers and cannot seem to find why invokerepeating is not firing my function. I call it in the start function like this:

 void Start () 
    		InvokeRepeating("LSCycle", 1f, 5f); 

After that the code works as normal until i get to the LSCycle. Which looks like this:

void LSCycle(){

		Debug.Log("Life Support Cycle Started! c: ");

		//edit: emptied out the code between the debug.logs

		Debug.Log("Life Support Cycle Ended! c: ");


For some reason none of the debug.logs ever show up, and the numbers i try to update with the invoke do no update. I know its probably something incredibly simple but i cannot seem to find why it doesnt call. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

So i guess the script was just bugged? I’m not sure but i made a copy outside of unity, erased this one, and then retyped it from a new C# file and it worked. Hoping this kind of thing doesn’t happen again.