InvokeRepeating gets cancelled on scene change?

I use MonoBehaviour.InvokeRepeating to call a function every few seconds.

If I load the next scene, will the Invocation get cancelled automatically or I have to cancel it manually using MonoBehaviour.CancelInvoke?

(I haven’t called Object.DontDestroyOnLoad on any object of the initial scene, I’m just wandering if invocations are going on in the background in the new scene, thus needlessly consuming resources)

If you look at the documentation of MonoBehaviour.InvokeRepeating you can see that InvokeRepeating is a member function of MonoBehaviour. Like coroutines (StartCoroutine()) those things run on the MonoBehaviour instance they has been started from. When the Object gets destroyed all coroutines or “InvokeRepeatings” are canceled immediately.