iOS 2D: Ugly sprites, huge package or unresponsive loading ?

Do I really have to choose between one of these problems ?
Is any of these assumptions wrong ?
Are there other workarounds available ?

  1. PVRTC compression provided by Unity is unusable for most ARGB sprites. Even the “best” quality produces ugly lossy compression artifacts.

  2. Using uncompressed sprites gives you a huge build package size. The package for a beautiful Android build is 20MB, while the same game with uncompressed textures on iOS is next to 200MB

  3. Storing PNGs as .bytes resources and loading them at runtime reduced the package size, but due to the lack of asynchronous texture load method, the game becomes not responsive while loading any of these.

Well, I finally figured that Unity was using the compressed mipmaps based on the sprite object scale and these little guys were the problem. I disabled mipmaps and now the compressed PVRTC looks acceptable (most of them, actually)

Unity has such a great documentation. I think this situation could be better adressed there.