iOS 64bit build with WebRequest.Create()


I amd testing iOS 64build on Unity 4.6.2.
When I run my app on device and call the image’s method, I got the Xcode error.


I think It’s the stripping problem. So I made Assets/link.xml.

<assembly fullname="System">
	<type fullname="System" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Net" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Net.Cache" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Net.Configuration" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Net.Mail" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Net.Mime" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Net.NetworkInformation" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Net.NetworkInformation.MacOsStructs" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Net.Security" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Net.Sockets" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Web" preserve="all"/>
<assembly fullname="System.Configuration">
	<type fullname="System" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Configuration" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Configuration.Internal" preserve="all"/>
	<type fullname="System.Configuration.Provider" preserve="all"/>

It is my link.xml. Do I need add more? Or It’s Unity’s bug? Please, let me know.

The WebRequest Class is not implemented on IL2CPP yet.

WebRequest/WebClient API is currently available but not functioning. Anything requiring asynchronous sockets through Delegate BeginInvoke/EndInvoke currently doesn’t function. We will address this in an upcoming patch release.