IOS Achievement : load fail but load descriptions succeed


I have a problem testing Game Center achievements on iOS device, the method Social.loadAchievements return 0 IAchievement.

But the method Social.loadAchievementsDescriptions returns all my 17 achievements like it should.

I am connected to the game center, i tried to

  • upload the app in testFlight,
  • test it from cloud build install
  • Add my apple id in the sandbox users

Is there something to do to be able to test achievements that I missed ???

And everything works fine on android.
Thanks for your help

Found the solution after all!

So, in case someone needs it, here is a resume of the informations you’ll find in Unity forums.

iOS GameCenter and Android GPG don’t answer the same way to “Social.loadAchievements()” :

  • Android : even if you have a progress = 0, will return all achievements
  • iOS : will only return achievements with a non 0 progress

So with iOS, you must suppose a 0.0 value progress for your reportProgress if the achievement is not in the loadAchievements result (that’s what i didn’t do and therefore never reached the reportProgress on iOS)

In addition i used the GKAchievementReporter which can be found here :

Hope it can save time for someone else !