'iOS/Android is not included in your Unity Pro license', even though I just upgraded to the new pro license which includes all platforms?

Hey guys, I’m getting this when I go to build for Android, iOS etc.


Even though I recently upgraded my license to the new Pro which covers all platforms. Even if I go to Update License in the settings, it still remains the same. What have I done wrong??

I had the same problem for a long time but finally I found out what’s the reason. If you previously activated an older pro license then this license key is still stored inside of unity. Check the “about” box and the compare the license key which is displayed there with the one unity sent you with the subject “Your license key to access your Unity seat”. If those numbers are different, go to:

Help->Manage Licenses ->Activate new License

And enter the new seat license number. Seats has also to be accepted first to be active - unity also sends activation emails with the accept-link.

Unity support wasn’t able to point me to this solution (I asked them one and a half weaks ago and still wainting for answer) and there is no mentioning of this neither in the docs nor online ;(

I had this problem as well but different than the accepted answer. I resolved it simply by closing and reopening Unity. It might have been due to my internet connection.