iOS app to xCode to iTunes


I really need help. This is a serious question. I’m going to create a small app in unity for iPad. Can somebody please tell me if I really need the iOS testing package by unity? And do I really need unity pro? Or would it be enaugh to buy a iOS developer authentification key (100$)… or how this is called?

Another question:

What do I have to insert where to export my app properly and beeing able to test it also in XCode?

It would be very useful if someone would do a video tutorial on this because I know many people who are very unsure about all this iOS unity stuff espacially because it costs money to get an apple developer id/key (what ever it is called).

Thanks. I hope I was clear enaugh!

  1. Buy a Mac.
  2. Subscribe as an Apple developer.
  3. Buy Unity iOS
  4. Build your game to iOS and an XCode project will be created.
  5. Use XCode to compile you game and run it on your iPad.
  6. Test your game on all the devices you want it to run on.
  7. Use Apple tools to upload your title to the AppStore.