iOS arm64 support

I’m developing my iOS game by using Unity 5.0.2(xcode version is 6.1.1). When i tried to send my game to Itunes, i get 64 bit support error. I resolve this issue by setting PlayerSettings/Other Settings/Configuration/Scripting Backend to IL2CPP from Mono(2.x) (as mentioned in unity forum). However, when i do so, other crucial problem appears i.e. my ipa file’s size increases to 78mb when i use IL2CPP (when i used Mono(2.x) it was 43mb). How can i decrease my file’s size, anyone can help me?

Well, I just made the build for Android Googleplay and I am really good. The .apk have 21Mb. Yep… In the same time the .ipa have 94Mb. The archive it self is no less than 386Mb. I guess is something from Apple. As long as the .ipa is still under 100Mb I guess we are ok though is quite a difference between the .apk and .ipa. I used IL2CPP and the other optimization settings for iOS and for android I just use the default settings.