iOs : Bad texture quality with true color uncompressed texture

Hi there,

I’m struggling to have proper texture quality for a 2D game. A picture’s worth a thousand words :

Looks perfect on the desktop, while when running on an iPad, gradients look very bad, as if the texture was in 16 bit instead of 24.
I’ve tried using auto truecolor, 32 bit and 24 bit, always uncompressed, Point, Clamp, and this is applied to a 1024*768 quad, using the simple unlit shader found at Owlchemy Labs (

I would be glad to take any advice, I’m really stuck here :slight_smile:


Make sure that your pictures are either 64 px by 64 px, or 64 by 128, et cetera. Unity changes the size of the image if you don’t…does that help?

For anyone reading this, Alexey answered me on the forum:

I was struggling with texture quality issues and GUITexture for a long time. Switching the format from PNG to TGA made a world of difference for me. The textures now show exactly as I was expecting them to.