iOS Basic License, number of machines?

We’re a team of 2 developers and we’re thinking of buying the iOS Basic license. We’re mainly concerned about the External version control support feature. We want to change the file structure to Meta so we can use external versioning systems ( git for example ). The question is, can we switch the file structure on both of our machines using one license?

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so you want to use UnityFree ($0),

and the iOS ($400)

is that right?

The classic answer to these questions is “It may only be used by a single person” whi his stated many times on the Unity web site, very clearly.

Now as a curiosity …

However you’re talking about the “iOS” “addon” product (ie, the $400 “iOS” product).

Now, the wording always talks about “One Unity license is good for…” and if you look here Unity Terms of Service that clearly is the license agreement for the product “UNITY FREE VERSION 3.5”

For the record, I can not, actually, find the user agreement for the “$400 iOS product”

(Actually, that does suck a little but, since, when you “buy” the “$400 iOS product”, or anything else, the entirety of what they are selling is expressed solely in … the user agreement.)

Again, this document very clearly

makes NO reference at all to the add-ons, so, it would be good to actually see the user agreement (i.e. “what you pay for”) for the add-ons.

You can’t buy IP without a EULA so, it would be interesting to see it!