ios "build" and "build and run" both fail to produce any xcode

Hi. Any help would be appreciated.

I have read that an xcode project should be produced from Unity. Do I need an iOS license to output an xcode project from Unity? I am wondering because these are the steps I take which yields an empty folder.

  1. create new project.
  2. create new scene.
  3. save project and scene.
  4. Click File>Build Settings.
  5. Select iOS and click switch platform
  6. Click Add Current.
  7. Click Build or Build and run.
  8. Select a folder location for the iOS build.
  9. Click Save.

After that, the dialog goes away and nothing happens. The folder I selected in step 8 remains empty. I am on a Mac version 10.11, I have xcode, I have developer credentials, and I am currently using Unity 4.6.3.

I have no idea what to do. Thank you.

This is the issue with El Capitan, upgrade to the latest Unity 4 Version to resolve this or monitor the patch releases.