iOS build crashes when trying to access WebCamTexture.videoRotationAngle

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class SelfieScreen : MonoBehaviour {
	private CanvasRenderer m_renderer;
	private WebCamTexture m_selfie;
	private WebCamDevice [] m_webCamDevices;
	private Quaternion m_baseRotation;
	private Material m_material;

	void Start() {
		m_baseRotation = transform.rotation;
		m_renderer = GetComponent<CanvasRenderer>();
		m_material = m_renderer.GetMaterial();
		m_webCamDevices = WebCamTexture.devices;
		m_selfie = new WebCamTexture(m_webCamDevices[m_webCamDevices.Length - 1].name, Screen.width, Screen.height);
		m_renderer.SetMaterial(m_renderer.GetMaterial(), m_selfie);

	void Update() {
		m_renderer.SetMaterial(m_renderer.GetMaterial(), m_selfie);

This code works well when i build it on unity editor. But when i build this to iphone it crashes on launch. If I comment out the line that tries to print the videoRotationAngle then then build works on iphone. Anyone has experienced this?

This was fixed on the iphone when I moved the logging statements after calling Play() on the webcamtexture.