iOS build creates empty folder

I created a VR game using vuforia. When I go to File>Build Settings and select iOS and build, the folder that is created is empty. Can anyone help me with why this folder would be empty instead of having the xcode project?

Check your bundle identifier.

I have found that Unity (5.5.1 in my case) builds an empty folder if the identifier is not in the correct format. The default is: com.Company.ProductName

I had to change mine to just ‘ProductName’ in order for validation to succeed (team profile signing) and went straight to Unity and changed it there. Since then, it was building an empty folder. After changing it back to the correct format, it builds properly again.

Hope this helps.

I’m having the same problem. @pavlito I tried to change the identifier to com.CompanyName.GameTitle and also just CompanyName and both times created an empty folder.