iOS build size log output. What do the categories mean?

When you make a build the editor logs out these stats. I know what most of them are as they are pretty straight forward but some I’m unsure about.

Textures 10.0 mb 24.9%
Meshes 3.2 mb 7.8%
Animations 894.6 kb 2.2%
Sounds 772.8 kb 1.9%
Shaders 19.7 kb 0.0%
Other Assets 3.6 mb 8.8%
Levels 13.2 mb 32.6%
Scripts 363.0 kb 0.9%
Included DLLs 3.9 mb 9.7%
File headers 4.5 mb 11.2%
Complete size 40.4 mb 100.0%

Can someone tell me what “Other Assets” and “File Headers” are?

It also appears like streaming audio is not included in these stats, is this correct and why?


We have recently received this question thru our support system, and we are in the process of enhancing the documentation. I’ll copy the answer here since it will help other users searching for this our community:

File headers is data that is kept maintaining references and settings for the assets, such as resource assets. It is the amount of extra data apart from the “raw” data contents in a file. Do you have assets in the “Resources” folder? You can try moving some or all files out of this folder and see if that reduces the file headers.