IOS Build succeed but blackscreen


I try to build on ios with unity 5.1.2, i use IL2CPP with Architecture ARMv7 or ARM64.
When i build and run with Xcode , the build succeed and the app start on Ipad.

But after the splashscreen, the ipad goes on a black screen. I can interact with buttons behind the black screen and in the Xcode console i can see my Debug.log.

Do you have an idea or a clue to solve my issue ?

I’m having a similar issue only I can’t interact with the buttons, when I run it in Unity it works fine however on my iPhone SE I get the unity splash screen and then it goes black with “Development Mode” at the bottom of the screen.

I have no Idea what else to try, the only thing I have found in the forum is to do with anti-aliasing and disabling shadows in the project setting from unity(if this works I will let you know).