IOS build with a smaller size

Hello everyone.
I create a game where I downloaded image on startup, save them on persidentDataPath, keep it in don’t destroyable object and serialized for usage in other scene.
All fine when I build on android. Build size about 40 mb.
On IOS - build is 115 mb!
Then I use tripping level → Strip Assemlies, build crash with error (Unloading 2 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0)). Use Strip Byte Code did not bring success and I have another error.
What I’m do wrong and how can I reduce the size of the build? Help me please.

you can reduce by making low poly 3d models ,using script and function’s that are not slowing down your game reduce the textures and object’s in one scene if you don’t need some object like instantiate bullet just destory it affter 10 sec , rather that instantiate gameobject use enable or setactive function :smiley:

Since the game for mobile devices, and all the low-poly model. The problem is that the Unity unloads the loaded image when switching to another scene, although it should not.