iOS Building with IL2CPP universal Build causes tons of warnings

I created for testing a completely empty build from scratch with just one simple script attached to the main camera that prints “Hello World”.

Despite my best efforts to set all proper settings in unity or XCode I’m getting about 370 of these warnings. What is this about. Can I ignore this ?

  • “Apple LLVM 6.1 Warning: Integer literal s too large to be represented by a signed integer type, interpreting as unsigned”
  • “Semantic issue: Comparison of address of UIApplicationLaunchOptionsRemoteNotificationKey not equal to a null pointer is always true”
  • Value Conversion Issue: Implicit conversion loses integer precision: uintptr_t (aka unsigned long) to uint32_t (aka unsigned int)

The build succeeds, but when I try to submit it to the store I’m getting an error that it’s not 64bit or something which I can’t give you more details on atm. because there seem to bee connection problems right now with XCode

XCode 6.3.2
Unity 4.6.5f1

The Warnings in XCode:

Now, it works for me:
i already have warnnings but submission id ok.

(in xcode)

  • Just go to Build setting → architectures → “Standard architectures (arm7, arm64) -$(ARCHS_STANDARD)”
  • And Build Active Architecture Only → Debug = Yes; Release = No

So I tested my game that has these warnings on armv7s and arm64 devices and everything seems fine, so I guess these warnings can be ignored for now.

Concerning the error that I got when submitting to the app store, I found a solution on another thread. I just had to unplug my iPhone 5 before clicking Archive :slight_smile: … has to do with the device not being a arm64. I guess it could be changed too by setting “Build Active Architecture Only” to “No”, but just to be sure ;). If you encounter a similar problem, I’d give it a try.

No settings that I played around with seemed to change the thing with the warnings for the better.

Latest UnityBuild & Latest xCode seem to play together better