iOS Bulding Error ( EXC_RESOURCE RESOURCE_TYPE_MEMORY (limit=2048 MB, unused=0x0))


I am using 5.6.6 version

I have this error

Thread 1: EXC_RESOURCE RESOURCE_TYPE_MEMORY (limit=2048 MB, unused=0x0)

city was compiled with optimization - stepping may behave oddly; variables may not be available.

3567971--287675--ios hata.png

help me please!!!


why does nobody write something??

Having the same issue right now actually from iPhone 7! :smile:


I was running into this issue earlier today. For me, it seems to be an Xcode 10 issue.

When launching my app, it would immediately crash on a new iPad when loading the main menu with the error:

I downloaded Xcode 9.4.1 from the iOS Developer archive, but of course it doesn't contain support for iOS 12, so I also needed to copy those files from Xcode 10 into Xcode 9.4.1.

The only strange thing I have noticed now is that debugging in Xcode 10 will sometimes get past the menu, but then crash at a later time.

It's not the greatest solution, but it seems to be working for me. Give that a try. I wish I had a better idea of why it is actually happening.


I did have massive log from my AssetBundle Factory since I am download a very lot of asset once into the apps...
After muting all those logs, the error disappeared :)

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Thanks a lot for this solution. It’s really helped me too.

It’s really helped me. Thank you so much!

Thank you very much @andrew_lee . After loosing a whole day, this helped me.

how did you copy everything for iOS 12 from xcode 10 to 9?

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how did you copy everything for iOS 12 from xcode 10 to 9?

how did you copy everything for iOS 12 from xcode 10 to 9?

right click on Xcode and show package content then
/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform here is the path for these platforms you can switch iOS support between two different Xcode versions

I have also this problem.

UnityGfxDeviceWorker (32): EXC_RESOURCE RESOURCE_TYPE_MEMORY (limit=650 MB, unused=0x0)

Same in Xcode 11.

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I have the same issue
JobWorker (32): EXC_RESOURCE RESOURCE_TYPE_MEMORY (limit=650 MB, unused=0x0)

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In Xcode 11.3.1 I'm getting:

Loading.PreloadManager (37): EXC_RESOURCE RESOURCE_TYPE_MEMORY (limit=1450 MB, unused=0x0)

Is it not because you have exceeded the memory capacity on the phone? There is a limit to the amount of textures that can be loaded into memory. Try selecting all your textures and changing the Max Size from 2048 to 1024 and see if it persists?

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I have a same issue on ipad mini with xcode 12 and unity 2020.2.2f it only happen just in some scene But not every scene so if I remove all props on that scene it can be ok without any problem! But if I restore all props back it still issue