iOS Bundle Identifier Error w/

I keep getting an error “iPhoneBundleIdentifier has not been set up correctly”

I work in an enterprise and the apple portal puts a bundle seed at the start of all app ID’s ex:*
That is a valid app ID in Xcode, but Unity chokes saying it has to conform to the pattern “”

My admin says ALL id’s must start with a seed - not sure if that’s true for enterprise accounts are not… but should it matter that our app id doesn’t start with “com.” if there is a valid provisioning profile in xcode?

I just use the “” format in Unity and Xcode has no problems using the correct provisioning profile for it. I have not needed to add the seed to the string in Unity and I have submitted several apps to the app store in this fashion so it’s fine. The string comes into play in the provisioning profile and in your developer account.

Just make a new provisioning profile in the developer portal that is something like com.yourcompany.appname and install it in xcode and use the same com.yourcompany.appname in unity’s player settings and it will build. Maybe that will work at least for the time being so you can test the app. Other than that I am not sure.

Thanks, Hankphone - but I can’t get Unity to build… Even if I leave off the seed. Is says the bundle does not match an existing app id in xcode. There are no files written, that I can tell. Sounds like I’m making some other mistake.