ios cant access variables in array

var arr = new Array()
var i : int=0;
var temp : String;
temp = arr*;*
this for some reason dosent work for me, im using pragma strinct so i can compile on ios. any ideas what is wrong?
oh also i cut out the part populating the array with strings

You are trying to use a dynamic (untyped) array.

There are two types of arrays in Unity: dynamic arrays and builtin arrays.

I would recommend using a builtin array.

You can convert a dynamic array to a builtin array like this:

/* declare dynamic array */

var dynamicArray = new Array();

/* populate dynamic array with ints */

for ( var i = 0; i < 10; i ++ ) {

/* convert to builtin array of known type */

var builtinIntArray = dynamicArray.ToBuiltin(int);

Also... unless there is something missing from your code, you never populate the array named arr.

Your code creates a new, empty, untyped array. It never puts any data in the array (unless there is something you're not showing us).