iOS can't open local file with Application.OpenURL()


I’m trying to open a PDF file downloaded to Application.persistentDataPath but the file wont open.
I know the file is there, but Application.OpenURL() just does nothing. I have tried with:

  Application.OpenURL(Application.persistentDataPath + "downloadedFile.pdf");
  Application.OpenURL("file://" + Application.persistentDataPath + "downloadedFile.pdf");
  Application.OpenURL("file:///" + Application.persistentDataPath + "downloadedFile.pdf");

From the Editor I have no problems at all, it is just when I build to iOS. I’m also having problems with Android builds, but I need to solve it first for iOS.

What is the correct way to open a local file? Am I missing anything?

I know this is an old topic but you can find explication in the documentation: Unity - Scripting API: Application.OpenURL

iOS: Application.OpenURL cannot be used for opening local files.