ios debugging - I never get the source line number just UnityEngineDebug : 54

I inject my unity app into another xcode project by copying across all the dll’s etc.
In my app - my debug statements never have source info just this:

(Filename: /Applications/buildAgent/work/cac08d8a5e25d4cb/Runtime/ExportGenerated/iPhonePlayer-armv7/UnityEngineDebug.cpp Line: 54)

For every single line of output so I can’t work out wth is going on (same deal for exceptions, you see).

The xcode project generated by unity has correct line number debugging i.e.

→ applicationWillResignActive()
UnityEngine.Debug:Internal_Log(Int32, String, Object)
QCARBehaviour:StopQCAR() (at /Users/georgecook/Documents/4zero6/PocketDirector/git/pocketDirectorSpike/pocketDirectorSpike/Assets/Qualcomm Augmented Reality/Scripts/QCARBehaviour.cs:617)
QCARBehaviour:OnApplicationPause(Boolean) (at /Users/georgecook/Documents/4zero6/PocketDirector/git/pocketDirectorSpike/pocketDirectorSpike/Assets/Qualcomm Augmented Reality/Scripts/QCARBehaviour.cs:503)

How can I activate the second style of debugging.

Both log statements are from the device, using the same unity code. Only difference is that for the first one I copied the dlls into my app. Have I missed a setting or something too?

Help really appreciated - getting tired of stabbing around in the dark.

You need to be referencing the “libiPhone-lib-dev.a” library in your Xcode project if you want to have a development build, which outputs the callstack and line numbers to the log.

You will find that version at :