iOS Dependency injection framework suggestions

Is anyone currently using a dependency injection framework successfully with Unity3d on iOS?
If so which one?

So far I have tried Autofac and Ninject and run into problems with both.

Unitypackages of test projects attached here:


We are using Ninject with Unity3D on iOS just fine.

On iOS, you need to specify a custom INinjectSettings when creating your kernel, that returns ‘true’ for the UseReflectionBasedInjection property. Otherwise Ninject will try to use Reflection.Emit when creating objects, which will crash.

You might like to look into the testability framework we are developing for Unity, which is designed around the patterns of DI and IOC.

There is a DI framework for iOS called Objection.

It’s easy to use and well tested.

Yet another alternative: GitHub - modesttree/Zenject: Dependency Injection Framework for Unity3D

Another contender! StrangeIoC