iOS game loaded but stucked on splash screen


I tried to build a game for iOS using Unity personal edition, but whenever I start the game using the “Build and Run” function from unity, it just stucks on the splash screen. The game is loaded, since I can hear the sounds, and the xCode console gives no error. If I put a Debug.Log within a game object in the “Start” function, I can see it in the xCode console, which means that the scene is correctly loaded and initialized, right? Still, all I can see is Unity splash screen.

I already have other projects that builds successfully on iPhone. I checked the xCode build settings and compared them with the project that doesn’t work. It seems no difference, only that there are two sections in my working project that don’t exist in the one that gives the problem: the settings related to the xib files and the png compression settings. However in the image.xcassets I can see all the splash screen (or loading screen) correctly seated as default (black screen) and Unity player preferences are the same.

Anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

I tested the game on an iPhone with iOS version 8.1.3, my xCode is currently at 7.2, but I’m upgrading just now.

Since I found the problem, I’ll answer myself.

In my case, the problem was related to the Screen.SetResolution function attached to a gameobject and called during the Awake. It seems that it’s a known problem related to Unity 5.3 and later.
Using Screen.SetResolution on iPad and iPhone will cause the screen not to refresh, but it won’t give you any error or crush, moreover the music will play normally, so be aware!