IOS Game Questions

How do you make IOS games on Unity 4.3, I have a few questions, I think they are simple enough but I’m totally confused.
When responding please be nice.
Here are the questions:

  1. Do you need to use different game objects?

  2. Do I need to learn new coding or is JavaScript ok?

  3. I have a Mac running OSX Mavericks but I don’t want to publish my games on the App Store.

  4. How do I build the game because when I select IOS it takes a long time and doesn’t seem to do anything?

  5. I’ve read the unity help page and was full of confusing code on how to code for IOS so what do I use as buttons?

  6. On my iPad I have a Bluetooth keyboard so if I keep the arrow key controls can I play using the keyboard?

  7. How do you script buttons for IOS?

I’m only 12 years old so please try to use simple terminology because I don’t understand complicated instructions.

Thanks in advance!!!


  1. most probably, all depends on what you’re trying to do.

  2. unityscript is close to javascript but not the same, so you’ll need to learn a few things but depending on your proficiency with js, it shouldn’t be a problem.

  3. not a question, so this isn’t an answer. move along now…

  4. when you change platform (you clicked ‘switch platforms’ right?) it’ll process the assets for the new platform. it might take some time - entirely dependent on the amount of assets, etc. used.

  5. as confusing as some of the questions on this site? whatever you’ve read isn’t necessarily accurate. please be more specific with your question.

  6. probably, depends how it’s set up but it should work.

  7. there are many tutorials, google is your friend…

only 12, so young…

hope some of that helps and, if i wasn’t nice, say a prayer for me :wink: