iOS game release: Is it possible to release multiple versions for various devices?

When I release my game can I make multiple releases dedicated to specific devices?

Is it possible to release separately one version for 3G, one version for 4S, one version for iPad?

Regarding iPad vs. iPhone, no problem. that’s perfectly normal. For instance there is Fieldrunners for iPhone and Fieldrunners HD for iPad.

Regarding 3G verus 4S. Um … I guess you could do that, yeah. You’d simply STATE that this product is for 4S. You’d then have another separate product where you state that the product is for iPod2.9B, etc etc. I THINK, but I’m not certain (nobody knows for sure), Apple would approve that OK.

But you would never do this in practice…

Don’t forget there is a far easier solution: just include all the different versions of your game in the same build. When the game launches, simlpy check which sort of machine it is, and run that version!!! It’s that easy. Indeed, very many apps work exactly like that.

So it’s all good news.

Hope it helps!