IOS Games Development On Windows

Can I Develop IOS Games On Unity For Windows With Full Functionality Of Unity IOS Then Deploy It With Unity IOS on mac ??

What license i need to do this (unity + unity pro ios) or (unity pro + unity pro ios)?

thanks for effort.

To correct all the wrong informations above:

  1. iOS Remote will only connect to Unity on OSX. It will not connect to unity on Windows. As mentioned above already, you can’t develop for iOS on Windows at all. Its either OSX or no iOS.
  2. You don’t need a pro license. iOS Basic for $400 is enough to develop for iOS. Buying Unity Pro won’t add anything to Unity for iOS, you would need to buy Unity Pro + Unity iOS Pro to get the pro features for iOS
  3. I fully agree with Eric5h5: if you can’t test and experience it on mobiles you are not creating a mobile game. you are creating a mobile prototype that might or might not work as desired and much worse it might not work as well as it could input wise for mobiles if you don’t test it right from the start

You can’t really use Unity iOS on Windows. You won’t have any of the input functionality and won’t be able to test anything, which is a critical part of making an iOS app.

Actually I’ve seen some factually incorrect info on here. You CAN compile and build to the iOS devices on a PC…UDK Mobile version does this perfectly. It even has the settings to input in your dev certificate, profile, etc. It works on PC…have used it and tested. Builds run immediately to my iPhone 3GS on the PC using UDK mobile.

@VivienS One iOS Pro licence can be used to activate Unity on two machines. So, you need to buy only one and you can use it on both your Win and OSX machines.

You will need unity pro + unity iOS basic. You can develope the game on windows, and run the game on windows using the emulator (I think), but you should try the game on an actual device aswell.

You should be able to test your iOS game input using unity remote 3 even if you’re developing on a windows machine but you can only compile the game on a mac.