iOS Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie not working

Hi guys,

I’ve been struggling with playing a video stored locally for iOS.

Here’s some details:

  • Device: iPodTouch 2g 4.2.1
  • Unity 3.5.2f2
  • Xcode 4.3

So I’m placing the video file in my Assets/StreamingAssets folder. I’ve tried .mov and .mp4.

All I get is the iOS player showing up for a couple of seconds with a black background then dismiss and go back to unity.

I have tried different approaches regarding the file path as follows:

string dpath = "file://"+ Application.dataPath + "/Raw/downing.mp4";

string dpath = Application.dataPath + "/Raw/downing.mp4";

string dpath = "downing.mp4";

Calling at:


Any thoughts? anyone please? Really need to put this together soon.

Just a thought. Do you start playing inside Update() or Start() or something? May be it affects.

Also check that standard iPod player plays your video. To be sure that codecs are OK.

My video playing fine at iPod 2G. Format is MOV. Path is simple:
string dpath = “”;

it will work only with streming asset folder. You have to put your video in streming asset folder and need to use Application.stremingassetpath.