iOS: Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie with FullScreenMovieScalingMode as AspectFill does not scale as expected

I’m trying to play full screen movie on iOS using Handheld.PlayFullScreenMovie with AspectFill in order to get the movie scaled as the documentation explain that “Content at the edges of the larger of the two dimensions is clipped so that the other dimension fits the screen exactly. The aspect ratio of the movie is preserved.

The movie scaled as AspectFit NOT AspectFill. Anyway, this works on Android as expected.

I’m using Unity 5.3.2f1. Please give me any suggestion.

I am experiencing the same issue with it filling properly on Android and not filling properly on iOS, but fitting. Also, the color is not work as intended either. It is always loading from black regardless of what color I choose. Apps built in older versions of Unity (4.6 and below) have worked as intended.