iOS: Initializing Unity engine multiple times


I'm trying to use Unity in a non-game app for iPad, and was wondering if it's possible to initialize the Unity engine multiple times?

It's basically the same question as this:

What I have working:

  • Instantiating Unity/EAGLView from a NIB
  • Running Unity engine in a non-fullscreen view
  • Forwarding events from UIGestureRecognizers to Unity engine (this should really be built in)

Not working:

  • Instantiating Unity engine a second time in a separate view
  • Unity engine (or Mono) crashes when running UnityInitApplication() the second time

Is it at all possible? Will I need to move the same view around the app? Any insights into this would be much appreciated!


Basic workflow of what I want to achieve:

  • Start Unity engine
  • Shutdown Unity engine / do cleanup
  • Start Unity engine a second time

Edit 2:

Updated the question to emphasize that it's not the IDE but the actual engine I want to reset.

Well I have had no succes in running a double, and there seems to be some problems with using several screens aswell. The only thing I can think of is running it on a virtual machine but let's be honest, you couldn't be that desperate to have two instances running right?

Also synchronizing with VS2010 keeps crashing when it was open, just like mono, just do assest and hit synchmonodevelop for mono to work properly.