iOS Keyboard makes performance suffer


we've currently experiencing severe performance drops when the iOS-Keyboard is triggered via a GUI.TextField. FPS drops to about 16 FPS. The frame rate is nice, when the Keyboard is never triggered during the lifetime of our application. The performance stays crappy event though the keyboard is "closed".

I've uncommented almost everything but had no luck narrowing down the cause.

Does anybody have an idea what i can try or did anybody have similar problems?

We're on Unity 3.3.0f4 but the problem also occurred with earlier versions. We where able to reproduce this behaviour on iOS 3.2.2 and iOS 4.2.

best regards Benjamin

Edit: The matter appeas to be worse on iOS 4.2 than on iOS 3.2 - on 4.2 the framerate drops to about 4 FPS.


I was not able to reproduce this issue. Could you please report a bug with your project for testing and send me a bug report number to

Thank You, Andrius Kuznecovas QA Engineer

Hey guys,

I am also having same issue. FPS is dropping as soon any notifications from iOS like not able to connect if network connection is off and even on triggering iOS-Key board. If any one of you found a solution please guide me to fix.