[IOS] Launch my app while music is playing stop the music

There are several issues for my problem marked fixed, but this bug is still present for me. I created a blank project, I have the default project settings, (mute other audio sources is disabled, prepare ios for recording is disabled). On android there is no problem. I am alone ? Do you have a solution ? I use unity version 2018.3.5f1


I report this issue to unity and I receive this answer:

"Thank you for submitting a bug to Unity.

We have identified this issue as a duplicate of an existing known bug and we will be closing the issue. The information you have supplied will help us further in the resolution.

You can track the original case’s status here:
Unity Issue Tracker - [iOS] Unity Player does not respect the "Mute Other Audio Sources" toggle in Player Settings"

But this issue is marked as fixed. Can you comment “not fixed” to put pressure please ? Because the only solution to fix this important bug is to go back to an old unity version. Thank you very much !