IOS Port Error : "GetComponent is not a member of Object"

heres my code snippet:

#pragma strict

function SelectPiece(){			

// select piece to play

	var pieceScore : int[];		// piece move value/score
	pieceScore = new int[4];	// new array
	var pValue : int;			// move value
	var last : int;				// last piece value
	var piece : int;			// piece to play (piece is declared as an int - does unity cast this to object by default? )
	switch(game.turn){					// select playing player
		case PlayerTurn.P1:					
			if(gameScript.players[1] == Player.cpu){						// if CPU player
				for(var x = 0;x < 4;x++){									// loop pieces
					pieceScore[x] = GetPieceScore(gameScript.p1pieces[x]);	// get piece score
				for(x = 0;x < 4;x++){				// loop pieces scores
					pValue = pieceScore[x];			// get piece value
					if(pValue > last){				// if this piece has greater value then last piece
						last = pValue;				// set new last best score
						piece = x;					// set playing piece
				isSelect = true;					// set piece selected
				gameScript.p1pieces[piece].GetComponent("piece1").Click(PlayerTurn.P1);	// i get the error here// CPU play/click on selected piece

i dont see anyway of casting this to a gameObject without getting the error “unity cannot convert int to UnityEngine.GameObject”

Please help!!! I know there are other post relating to this issue, but none of them directly addresses this issue. Im open to doing hella more research so if there are any links id be happy to explore them. I actually want to learn why this happens also or is it just IOS not supporting dynamic typing?

Thanks Guys!

Never use the Array class; it’s slow and untyped. Use built-in arrays or generic Lists instead. Also, never use quotes in GetComponent. That makes it return Object instead of the correct type, among other problems. Just do GetComponent(Piece1).