ios profile memary confused

hello,everyone. My unity app run on iphone4s crash because of memary.When I profile ,the memary is blew:

xcode 267M

usded Total 202.9M Unity 71M Mono 50.2M GfxDriver 31.6M
FMOD 3.3M Profiler 50M

Reserved Total 226M Unity 76M Mono 67.6M GfxDriver 32.1M FMOD 3.3M Profiler 50M

Textures 23.2M
Mesh 10.2M
Material 247.8K
AnimationClips 7.5M
AudioClip 3.1K
Assets 6191
I’m confused about this:
1.xcode has 40M more than unity because of the third plugIn? or others.’s memary is unity + mono + GfxDriver+FMOD+Profiler?
3.unity’s memary contans what? the details tap’s asset or the text
4.when I do not profile.the memory not reduce 50M. the profile contains other memeory?
5.what the normal memory situation? my game is a fps game.

sorry of my pool english.

Can someone help me?